Bearabbit Beibei


Rose (Rong) Luo


5 year-old girl Beibei's daily life adventures together with her 4 year-old brother Taotao. They live with their parents in Jasmine village. Jasmine Village is near the mountain and the river. The Children have plenty of freedom to explore their surroundings and have many activities including fishing, camping, hiking, and planting. For this little group of friends, Pipi is the leader. Taotao is the distractive factor, but he can sometimes come up with new ideas. Howie often challenges Pipi for his show-off attitude. Beibei cares about all of them. Nina and Taotao are Beibei’s loyal supporters. Nina is the activist. Howie’s strength helps the team and once even saves Pipi.

Run time

7' x 3 Seasons