My Uncle José


Voices: Wagner Moura (Elysium), Tonico Pereira (Edge of Desire)


Ducca Rios


It begins in 1983 in Salvador city, with the attack against José, an ex-member of a left-wing political group. Meanwhile, his nephew Adonias is worried about an assignment his teacher has given him. Consequently, Adonias has to deal with his family's suffering, conflicts at school, and the anguish of having to write his school essay.


- Meu Tio José (My Uncle José) Ducca Rios

The script has a great humanitarian, political and social content, very committed to the well-being of his country. The aesthetic is hard and sharp high contrast black and white, like the works of graphic novel writers like Marjane Satrapi or Artie Spiegelman. Ducca Rios links the birth of democracy in 1989 in Brazil with current political and social circumstances. When Ducca Rios takes the risk and has the most fun is when the film is most enjoyed, as in the opening sequence with parallel editing with Zico's goal and the murder of José Sebastião Rios, the dreamlike expressionist moments or the spectacular finale in full color.

Highlight the collaboration of Wagner Moura giving voice to “Meu Tio José” and the great soundtrack of the film.

Director Mohsen Mohammadi, previously awarded internationally for his short film Pertains, makes a risky cinematographic work that is visually very similar to La Jetée (1962) using static photos causing a fascinating and intriguing effect. Very intelligent and subtle script about suggestion, ambition, desire.


Annecy 2021, Vancouver Independent FF 2021, 45th Mostra, Spark Animation Fest 2021




Animation, Drama

Run time